Elvis Presley “If I Can Dream” with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

On October 30th, 2015 something magical happened. Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings released to the world Elvis Presley’s “If I Can Dream with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra”.Elvis

Priscilla Presley wanted to keep Elvis “relevant”. Music has changed so drastically since Presley’s death that keeping him mainstream is a challenge..Up for this challenge were Executive Producers Priscilla Presley, Don Reedman, and Co-Producer Nick Patrick.

Adding The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra around Elvis Presley’s archived vocal recordings, brought the combination of Presley’s powerful voice, and the new orchestral arrangements to an EXPLOSIVE and CHILLING climax!

My first thought after purchasing the album was “What was the thought process in selecting “Burning Love”, “Fever” and “Steamroller Blues” for this Orchestral project? But it works!

What is chilling to think about as this record plays, is the fact that Elvis himself never heard the music he is now singing to. There is a sadness that overcomes me especially in the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

This album as a whole is an amazing work. As individual tracks, each song got the dignity it deserved. Do not think that this is just another re-issue of the “same old” versions of the songs you have heard a 100 times. I assure you it is NOT. Each song was re-made with care.

Today’s artists were singing with Elvis. Michael Buble’ and Elvis Presley jazz it up in a revamped version of “Fever”. In “It’s Now Or Never” you get that true old Italian feel with Il Volo wafting lightly in the background.

This album is worth every penny! Treat yourself and enjoy the music!


Screenshot (2)

*Special Thanks to Don Reedman and Mauro Dirago for their factual help in this article.

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