Hope From The Light


I have never experienced a tarot card or psychic reading before. In my mind I thought tarot cards were evil. I lumped tarot cards and Ouija boards with the dark side, something I never wanted to be near.

“In service to the light” was a unique tag line. Especially when going through literally thousands of psychic reading advertisements. I was drawn to Jimmy Garland and “The Light”.2581339

I emailed (JIMMYRAE@GMAIL.COM) Jimmy, and from there I was instructed to call this number 754 234 3161  to make an appointment for a telephone reading.

I was very excited, yet guarded. I didn’t want to tell Mr. Garland too much because as a psychic I thought, he should know this! I was absolutely enthralled and blown away by my reading.

I took notes, six pages worth to be exact. I wanted to look back on these notes and walk this journey again. Alone. (Which I did, several times, and each time I am awed by his knowledge.)

Jimmy himself is a very personable and charming host. I made it clear that I knew absolutely nothing about tarot cards or their meaning. Like the Captain of a ship, Mr. Garland navigates you through each and every step for you to understand your reading clearly.


The Reading:

Mr. Garland starts in prayer calling his Archangel.  I often heard the phrase “Spirit is speaking”.

I was careful not to give Mr. Garland any volunteered information. Throughout my whole reading I was only asked two questions:

  1. What is your astrological sign?
  2. What is your birth date?

From the moment I answered those two questions Mr. Garland lead the way. I was surprised to hear Jimmy read some of the people around me. Events that had just happened to me. The reading itself took me through 12 cards, or as Jimmy called them the 12 houses. Once finished with those 12 cards, Jimmy asked if I had any questions about my reading. I was then asked if I had any questions in my heart that I wanted answered. There is no rush with Jimmy, and I found him very generous and giving to my personal well being.

For me, this reading was an eye opening journey into “self”. I feel better having done this. I learned that this is real. I learned that what Mr. Garland has is a true gift. There is no slight of hand, or rabbits hidden in a hat. My reading was not just about the cards. Mr. Garland got the essence of who I am, what I went through, my current situation and the hope of what is to come.


In researching for this article I have learned that “chakra” is an Indian term for the 7 energy points in the subtle body. The fourth chakra is the heart.

You MUST open your mind, and think to yourself I am going to give this an  honest try. As the reading went on, I was at ease, more open, and captured by Jimmy’s gift.I felt inspired, and new when my reading was over.

Jimmy Garland is indeed a soul who is in service to the light. All that is good. Jimmy gives credit where the credit is due. To God. To the positive.
Thus Mr. Garland’s tag line: “In Service To The Light”.

At the end of my reading, Jimmy said to me, “Brian if you had a song, it would be Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror”. To Jimmy Garland, I leave you with the song I choose for you. This song is how I felt after my reading.

*To my reader’s. I guarantee you will feel the same way after your reading with Jimmy!

Just some of Mr. Garland’s credentials:

Institute of Metaphysical and Physical Sciences
Energy – All Aspects, 1973 – 1979

Tarot – Automatic Writing – Religion – Seance – Psychic Photography – Psychic Surgery – God and Grace – Miracle Healing – Wicca – Voodoo/ Hoodoo – Sympathetic Magick – Power of Intent – Manifestation – Color Healing – Chakra Energy – Divine Art – Psychic Reading – Ethical Consultation -Orgone and Tachyon Energy – Crystals – ET and UFO – Telekinesis – Ghost Hunting – Incubus/Succubus – Power Protection – Astrology – Psychic Warfare – Angels and Beyond – Time Travel – Lightwork – Atlantis and Lemuria – Ascension/ Ascended Masters – Billets – Spiritualist Movement – Kardec – Cassadaga/Lilydale – Past Lives – Aromatherapy – Energy Use and Manipulation of – Subtle Anatomy – Energy Anatomy – Manifestation and Intent – Alternate Reality – Eastern Mysticism – Christian Mysticism – Hebrew Mysticism/Kabbalah

Contact Mr. Jimmy Garland: Email: JIMMYRAE@GMAIL.COM  or Call this number 754 234 3161 to make an appointment for a telephone reading.

© Brian Anthony Del Piano / ItalianBrian  and Opinions and Rants, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Brian A. Del Piano and Opinions and Rants with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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