The 2014 Christmas Drone; 1,500 ft. @ 20 mph of Privacy Lost



Among all of the technological gifts to purchase this year for Christmas, “The Christmas Drone” as I have dubbed it, is the most outrageous. Shown on ShopHQ, World Tech Toys is giving the everyday consumer a chance to spy on their neighbors.

I realize privacy is a thing of the past. iPhones, micro mini cameras and social media capture us in what we do throughout the day and night.

But look out! Now we have an eye in the sky with a standard SD card that can climb to 1,500 feet and move at 20 mph with a camera that can position itself in four different directions!

Don’t worry if your neighbor has a fence, or if that pesky tree is blocking your view. Fly your drone over and film away!

Had I owned a drone in the 1970’s and lived adjacent to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, I believe Elvis himselvis would have been leaning out of one of the windows with his 9 mm Smith and Wesson pistol, treating my drone as skeet!

I pose this question to you… How many ways do we need to be recorded? Is this necessary?

We are recorded in the toilet from someone in the next stall with an iPhone. We are recorded on the telephone for “quality purposes”; we are recorded driving our cars on Highways and some neighborhoods as well. Now for 5 flex pays of $19.99 we can be recorded by air.

I can see the invention of the drone being useful in times of war, or when my daughter goes on her first date,  but enough is enough with this type of privacy invasion.

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