“Ghostlight” The latest release from Betty Buckley


I wasn’t quite sure how to review Betty Buckley’s latest album.
Should I do it as one entity, or should I just critique the individual tracks?
In the end, I decided to do exactly what the album is.

“Ghostlight” is 12 individual journeys to a very magical place within the person who is listening.

The way Ms. Buckley presents those individual journeys through time is emotionally insightful and intimate.Put your headphones on, and have no distractions. Let yourself be lifted into Betty’s world.

There is a smooth haunting Celtic feel that is constant throughout this album, and especially reigns prevalent in the journey’s “Come To Me, Bend To Me”, and “Comin’ Back To Me”. (*The outstanding and heart grabbing violin seems to dance up and down Buckley’s angelic voice in “Comin’ Back To Me“.) The inflections in Buckley’s vocals make this so personal to her listeners, as if she lived each lyrical experience, and is sharing them with us. Betty takes you to an almost Medieval place. Mystical, and Magical. The journey of “If You Go Away” pulls you into this romantic longing that tugs at the core of your emotions. In the track “Blue Skies” one can imagine a “Ghost” performing a sultry dance on an empty stage. “Throw It Away“ is an amazing and profound concept. Delivered as a pearl of wisdom. The conviction and assurance of experience is steadfast in Buckley‘s performance.

“Lazy Afternoon” is where I had another “Ghost” sighting in my mind. Between Buckley’s seductive humming, and the saxophone notes curling on the air, you will think that you are experiencing time travel. You will feel as if “Bewitched” and “This Nearly Was Mine” is being piped into the old haunted theater. Through these tunes you can hear the faint heartbeat of what lived long ago in that very place. You can waltz across the huge fog filled stage as if you were dancing on a cloud. The song “Body and Soul” has a mellow jazzy cabaret sound, and yet Buckley keeps the “Ghost” theme going for her listeners to stay the course on the trip “Dreamsville” is a get away. A place to unburden and re-group. Betty offers us a relaxing respite, and you can’t help but to fall into that special place with her. In the story of “Take It With Me When I Go” Betty paints that gorgeous painting of renewal and rebirth. You can actually “feel” a peaceful and joyful gratitude in Buckley’s voice.“Where Time Stands Still” is the perfect place for the listener to be in stasis. This wraps up the journey, and ties it altogether, leaving her audience desperately longing for more from Betty Buckley!

T-Bone Burnett Produced “Ghostlight” and I must say, he hit the nail directly on the head with this project! Vocally, I am going to boldly say that this is Buckley’s best work! The experience, richness and timber in her voice is seamless.

If you want to escape for awhile and feel some raw magical emotions,
“Ghostlight” is the place to go.

“GHOSTLIGHT” -“It’s not just an album, it’s a journey” -B.A. Del Piano Freelance Journalist
“Ghostlight” is available on itunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at www.BettyBuckley.com

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