Alison Moyet 2014 “Minutes and Seconds Live” Release

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Alison Moyet’s “Minutes and Seconds Live” album, released November 11, 2011, is a collection of material from Alison’s “The Minutes” live tour. The tracks are taken from various venues.

Having experienced this concert in New York City on November 14, 2013 at the Manhattan Center, I can tell you firsthand that this album, because of time constraints, cannot capture the sheer excitement of Moyet’s audiences.

As with Alison’s 2013 release “The Minutes”, this live album contains the Synth/Pop sounds that were her very roots.

Alison’s band members on tour were John Garden ( Alison Moyet’s musical director) and Sean McGhee, with McGhee providing backing vocals as well. McGhee and Garden produced the final mix on this live project with outstanding results!

This album contains surprises along the way with re-worked versions of Alison’s popular hits “All Cried Out” (ALF 1984), “Is This Love?”, “Ordinary Girl”(Raindancing 1987) and “Only You” (Yaz: “Upstairs At Eric’s” 1982).

Moyet prefers to stay engaged in her songs to present the lyrics with believability.After performing these same tunes for over 30 years, re-working the arrangements breathes a new life into them. This album captures the very newness these familiar songs now have.

* “Horizon Flame”, “When I Was Your Girl”, “Changeling”, “Remind Yourself”, “All Signs Of Life” and “Filigree” are cuts from her 2013 “The Minutes” album.

The Yaz hit “Situation” is the album’s finale which is a perfect energy to this live experience.

As I recall the New York City experience, we were on the seventh floor of the Manhattan Ballroom. When Alison belted out this classic, the crowd went wild and the floor trembled under my feet with such power that I truly believed we would all wind up in the basement!

* “This House” is from Alison’s 1991 “Hoodoo” album.

* The New York concert I attended contained “Love Resurrection” and “Don’t Go”. These two songs are missing from this live album. I would like to share my footage of these two songs with you here. Enjoy! -Brian.

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